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HORTUS REVISITED A Twenty-First Birthday Anthology

HORTUS REVISITED A Twenty-First Birthday Anthology

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HORTUS began life on a kitchen table in 1987. Born of one man's passion for gardening, it continues to attract many of the world's finest garden writers.
Hortus remains independent, giving its founding editor David Wheeler the freedom to express and indulge his own - and his reader's - horticultural curiosity. Understanding that plants, gardens and garden-making are part of life's greater picture, Hortus 'leaps the fence', bringing to its several thousand subscribers in more than thirty countries a quarterly succession of beautifully crafted and inspiring garden writing .
Hortus is a breath of fresh air, by turn informative and entertaining, witty and contemplative, pioneering and reflective; above all, it's a jolly good read and refreshingly unpredictable.
This twenty-first birthday anthology is taken from the periodical's present score of some 10,000 pages of wholly original content. It ranges over such diverse topics as scent, colour, form and style, plant-breeding and plant-hunting, explorations of little and well known gardens in Britain and overseas, and embraces a cast of individuals - professionals and amateurs, nurserymen and plantsmen, historians and botanists, designersand workaday gardeners, enthusiasts for whom gardening (in its widest possible sense) is a common bond

Hardcover 367 pages Published by Frances Lincoln Limited


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Online Catalogue | HORTUS REVISITED

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