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HORTUS  146 (Summer 2023)

HORTUS 146 (Summer 2023)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

‘Tradescant’s Diary’: Hugh Johnson; Adam Ford: ‘Our Garden Birds, No. 14: The Chaffinch; Catherine Beale: ‘Top Tippng: High Glanau, Monmouthshire’; Katie Campbell: ‘All Power to the Garden: Battersea Power Station Park’; Rod Madocks: ‘Summer Like a Stranger Comes: A Writer’s Garden in the Warm Season’; Claire Margetts: ‘An Uprising in Colour: From Sissinghurst to Giverny – And Back Again’; Angelica Gray: ‘Granny and the Curé: The Other French Garden Style’; Rosie Irving and Michael Marriott: ‘Jottings from Joshua: Joshua Tree National Park’; Patricia Cleveland-Peck: ‘The Garden of The Moon: Jo-juin, Kyoto, Japan’; Peter Dale: ‘Making Sense of a Garden. II: Scent’; Sukie Amory: ‘From Orphan to Leading Light: Mountain Mint’; Clark Lawrence: ‘An Italian Garden: and that English Word’; Andrew Douglas-Forbes: ‘From the Cover-Artist’s Garden Sketchbook’; Tom Petherick: ‘From the (New) Home Patch’; Sam Llewellyn: ‘Digging with the Duchess: Psychohomeopathy’; Book Reviews: John Akeroyd on Wild Edens: The History and Habitat of Our Most-Loved Garden Plants by Toby Musgrave and Chris Gardner; Rosemary Lindsay on The Grove: A Nature Odyssey in 19 1/2 Front Gardens by Ben Dark; Front Cover: Queen of Sweden rose in a Swansea Jug by Andrew Douglas-Forbes. A HORTUS commission.

Online Catalogue | BACK ISSUES | HORTUS 146 (Summer 2023)

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