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HORTUS  61 (Spring 2002)

HORTUS 61 (Spring 2002)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

Rob Cassy s Snippets Carol Klein exceptional hellebores Paul Williams Eranthis hyemalis Sibylle Kreutzberger ïMaking Our First GardenÍ Fenja Gunn ïIn Praise of AnnualsÍ Diana Ross a talk with Anthea Gibson at Westwell, her Oxfordshire garden Rosemary Lindsay Amsterdam Canal Gardens Noel Kingsbury Piet Oudolf and the Dutch Garden Catharine Nicholson ïThe Acanthus in ArchitectureÍ Marta McDowell ïWith Malus AforethoughtÍ (some gardens in crime fiction) On My Bedside Table, by Ursula Buchan Anna Buxton on ParkinsonÍs Paradisus Peter Parker Pondersƒ Book reviews by Rob Cassy, Judith Tankard, David Wheeler, Patricia Cleveland Peck and Bleddyn Wynn Jones. Index to issues 57 60.

HORTUS  62 (Summer 2002)

HORTUS 62 (Summer 2002)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

Diana Ross s Snippets Peter Chappell Hydrangea serrata ïTiaraÍ, Aesculus californica and Clethra alnifolia ïPink SpireÍ and ïHummingbirdÍ Sibylle Kreutzberger ïMaking Our First Garden SummerÍ Roger Turner ïBackgrounds and The Flower BorderÍ Tim Longville the Year Round Garden at Duntrune Castle, Argyll Michael Cunningham ïGardening Away from HomeÍ Peter Dale ïThe Lure of Lost GardensÍ Betty Kershaw ïProof of a PuddingÍ Anne Willis ïA French Walled Garden in EnglandÍ John Sendy Gardens and Russian Writers On My Bedside Table, by Fenja Gunn Peter Parker Pondersƒ Book reviews by Thomas Fischer, Tim Longville and Helene Pizzi.

HORTUS  63 (Autumn 2002)

HORTUS 63 (Autumn 2002)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

Noel Kingsbury s Snippets Alison Huntley Medlars Diana Ross a conversation with Lady Salisbury in her garden at Hatfield House Karen Platt Sheffield Botanical Gardens Anne Powell Rosamund Willoughby _ fifty years of gardening across the world Ian Collins John Morley, painter plantsman Patricia Cleveland Peck Gardens of Lithuania Pamela Schwerdt Making our First Garden _ Autumn Paula Deitz on Chelsea gardens after the Show Martin Wood war graves and Lutyens Catharine Nicholson Plants in Gothic Architecture Peter Parker Pondersƒ Book reviews by Michael White and Judith Tankard

HORTUS  64 (Winter 2002)

HORTUS 64 (Winter 2002)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

Diana Ross s Snippets Alex Dufort Ridler s Garden, in Swansea Sarah Scarlett temptations and restraint in a new garden Paul Williams Ribes laurifolium Pamela Schwerdt Making our First Garden _ Winter John Akeroyd Foreign fragments of an older England Michael Cunningham pokeweed _ Phytolacca americana Tim Longville the gardens of Ladykirk, in the Scottish Borders Allan McNeish Peter Valder _ Gardener Ian Griffiths the Penang Botanic Gardens Peter J.James the mathematics of garden compost On My Bedside Table, by William Grant Katherine Swift the gazebo at 27 Broad Street, Ludlow Peter Parker Pondersƒ Book reviews by John Akeroyd, Tim Longville and Diana Ross.

HORTUS  65 (Spring 2003)

HORTUS 65 (Spring 2003)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

Tim LongvilleÍs Snippets Alison Rix Some Devon Gardens Noel Kingsbury Of Cornish Gardens John Carter Plant Hunting in Devon and Cornwall Tom Petherick ïUndisturbed and Understood the Garden at Tregrehan, CornwallÍ John Akeroyd ïCornwallÍs Offshore Paradise Garden the Abbey Gardens of Tresco, Isles of Scilly Mirabel Osler ïSomething ElseÍ Diana Ross meets Beth Chatto and pays tribute to her in her eightieth year Michael Cunningham ïScylla and CharybdisÍ the gardening relationship between Katharine White and Elizabeth Lawrence Peter Parker, Katie Campbell and Katherine Swift Judith TankardÍs American Book Notes Index to issues 61 64.

HORTUS  66 (Summer 2003)

HORTUS 66 (Summer 2003)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

Noel KingsburyÍs Snippets Catharine Nicholson ïRoses in ArchitectureÍ Diana Ross meets Thomas Pakenham Antonia Johnson ïGrayish on ClayishÍ (grey leafed plants for the garden) Rosemary Lindsay on the Gardens of Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC Katie Campbell on the Gothic Imaginationof Sir George Sitwell at Renishaw in Derbyshire Barrie Carson Turner ïA Septuagenarian TaleÍ (on the long life of a short lived perennial) Lorraine Harrison ïPatriotism, Victory and VegetablesÍ a recollection of the ïdig for victoryÍ campaigns Charles Elliott ïEnglebert Kaempfer and the Vegetable LambÍ Books On My Bedside Table by John Akeroyd Graham Stuart Thomas ïThe WeatherÍ (the last piece he wrote for HORTUS before his death in April) personal memories of Graham Stuart Thomas by Barry Ambrose, Beth Chatto, Thomas Cooper, Noel Kingsbury, Liz Robinson, John Sales, Tony Schilling, Wayne Winterrowd and Joe Eck Tim Longville a personal tribute to Derek Toms, 1943 2003 Book Reviews by TimLongville.

HORTUS  67 (Autumn 2003)

HORTUS 67 (Autumn 2003)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

Winners of the Times & HORTUS Garden Writing Competition 2003 Tim LongvilleÍs Snippets Noel Kingsbury ïHail the ParvenusÍ an exploration of ïnewÍ plants Diana Ross meets plantsman and explorer Roy Lancaster Alex Dufort ïKilfane An Irish RetreatÍ Ingrid Verdegem ïTo a Man Who Dislikes OrangeÍ, an essay on autumn John Hall ïThe Garden of Eden in VeniceÍ, his personal exploration of Frederick EdenÍs Venetian garden Tim Longville ïA Glimpse of Something MoreÍ, a re discovery of writer Dorothea Eastwood Charles ElliottÍs essay ïThe Age of GuanoÍ Books On My Bedside Table by David Wheeler reviews of collected garden writing by Ursual Buchan and Elisabeth Sheldon, and of a new book on the eighteenth century drawings made at Dapuri, the Bombay GovernorÍs residence in India. Erica Hunningher reviews ïThe GardenerÍs Labyrinthî a book and exhibition of photographs of BritainÍs leading garden figures.

HORTUS  68 (Winter 2003)

HORTUS 68 (Winter 2003)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

Noel KingsburyÍs Snippets Elspeth Thompson ïLighting the Touch paperÍ(indoor spring flowering bulbs) Antonia Johnson ïThe Whiff of EvergreensÍ (fragrant evergreens for the winter garden) Deborah Kellaway ïWinter PicturesÍ Celebration of SnowdropsÍ Patricia Cleveland Peck ïWilliam Morris and his Gardens at Red House and Kelmscott ManorÍ Diana Ross ïA Walk on the Wild Side with Geoffrey DuttonÍ (an interview with the Scottish poet and gardener) Charles Elliott ïLosersÍ (mishaps in the lives of plant hunters) Serena Moore ïIn the Oxford Botanic GardenÍ, a short story Betty Kershaw ïGardens in Fiction To The Mulberry (Henry James, 1843 1916)Í Poem ïThe GardenerÍ by Anna Wigley book reviews by Katharine Swift (on Sir Roy StrongÍs garden), John Akeroyd (on wild flowers) and Mark Lutyens (on a history of the Veitch family of nurserymen) short reviews by David Wheeler and Judith TankardÍs American Book Notes.

HORTUS  69 (Spring 2004)

HORTUS 69 (Spring 2004)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

ïDust to DustÍ a poem by Caroline Harbouri ïPlantsmanÍs PlantsÍ a selection of plants for the spring garden by Deborah Kellaway, Mirabel Osler, Mark Lutyens, John Akeroyd, Carol Klein and David Wheeler. Martyn Rix ïChina Treasure (modern plant hunting in China) Graham Gough ïThe best teacher a gardener can haveÍ (the making of a modern garden in the Sussex countryside) Betty Kershaw ïOf Purest GreenÍ Graham Cousins ïGreen Leaves, Bright FlowersÍ Katie Campbell ïThe Tortoise in Garden Sculpture Meaning and Symbolism in the Modern WorldÍ Charles Elliott ïThe Acid TestÍ Constance Casey ïPublic Gardens _ an ïAlternative ViewÍ Diana Ross ïTo garden is to seize the day an interview with novelist Penelope LivelyÍ ïWhatÍs On _ A miscellany of forthcoming events for gardenersÍ book reviews ïLittle SpartaÍ, ïThe Garden of Cosmic SpeculationÍ, ïFrom the CountryÍ, ïAn Illustrated Guide to MaplesÍ. Index to issues 65 68.

HORTUS  70 (Summer 2004)

HORTUS 70 (Summer 2004)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

ïIn Praise of PomegranatesÍ a poem by Glencairn Balfour Paul Noel KingsburyÍs Snippets Carol Klein ïSummer StunnersÍ, a nurserywomanÍs selction of best summer plants William Grant ïPrickles and ThornsÍ, whatÍs the right word in rose growing circles? Christine Reid ïLiving Out a Fantasy Marylynn Abbott at West Green HouseÍ Helene Pizzi ïGardening in Hot Sand A Mediterranean MiracleÍ Diana Ross ïThe Ring CycleÍ, a cautionary tale about the dangers of lawn mowing) Catharine Nicholson ïThe Fruit and Flowers of Grinling GibbonsÍ Peter James ïBaneful Things RevistedÍ (the world on the monkey puzzle tree) Jo Manby ïIndiaÍs Garden PantheonsÍ Michael Cunningham ïDeserving of ItalicsÍ Charles Elliott ïOn Growing PotatoesÍ Marta McDowell ïNathaniel Hawthorne and HorticultureÍ book reviews ïGardening on the EdgeÍ, ïThe Pruning of Trees, Shrubs and ConifersÍ, ïA Passion for PlantsÍ, ïPoems For GardenersÍ plus Judith TankardÍs American BookNotes.

HORTUS  71 (Autumn 2004)

HORTUS 71 (Autumn 2004)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

ïThe Green ManÍ poem by Cecilia Chance Tim LongvilleÍs Snippets CarolKlein ïAutumn . . . and BeyondÍ John Akeroyd ïPromoting AutumnÍs Special Floral GarlandÍ Rosemary Lindsay ïCommunity CuttingsÍ Ron Mulroy ïDeath of a Big TreeÍ Helena Attlee ïBurnished by the Sun of a Hundred New SummersÍ (a centenary tribute to Edith WhartonÍs book, Italian Villas and Their Gardens) Peter James ïLines on LeavesÍ, the science of leaf colour Kristina Taylor ïFrom my 2004 DiaryÍ, plant hunting in south west China Janice Sharkey ïA Nocturnal GardenÍ Diana Ross meets Anne Scott James Tim Longville ïThe Two Sides of EdenÍ, biographical exploration of the life of Eden Phillpotts Charles Elliott ïBlue Fruit and ChimerasÍ book reviews by Judith B Tankard (on ïLost Gardens of EnglandÍ, John Akeroyd on ïBothÍ, Douglas CraseÍs biography of Rupert Barneby and his partner Dwight Ripley.

HORTUS  72 (Winter 2004)

HORTUS 72 (Winter 2004)

Price (not including postage) 10.50

ïCreagh Burial Ground, Baltimore, West CorkÍ (poem by Peter Dale) ïFor Gardening . . . and CivilisationÍ (books of the year selected by eight eminent garden writers) Carol Klein ïOn a Quiet WinterÍs DayÍ (a personal choice of winter flowering plants) Elisabeth Sheldon ïComposing a GardenÍ Rosemary Lindsay ïA Feast of DelightsÍ (the gardens of the Prieur_ Notre Dame DÍOrsan, France) Patricia Cleveland Peck ïPolly Hill ArboretumÍ (an exploration of an American arboretum) Diana Ross ïEarly DaysÍ (a visit to James and Lady Tania ComptonÍs garden in the making in Wiltshire) Anne Powell ïOur Garden Then . . . and NowÍ Tim Longville ïThe NurserymanÍs TaleÍ (an interview with octogenarian nurseryman George Stephenson Ralph Tanner ïAn Amateur ObsessionÍ (plant collecting in East Africa) Michael Cunningham ïThe Quotable Rock GardenerÍ Lorraine Harrison ïSomething to Brighten all our GardensÍ (Shakers, faith and gardening in nineteenth century America) Brent Elliott Gardens in Fiction, ïProustÍs Remembrance of Things PastÍ, Part One ïGardensÍ (Part Two ïFlowersÍ appears in HORTUS 73) book reviews Robin Whalley on ïGardens of the Arts and Crafts MovementÍ by Judith Tankard Michael Cunningham on ïNo One Gardens Alone A Life of Elizabeth LawrenceÍ by Emily Herring Wilson and Tim Longville on ïA Passion For PlantsÍ by Suzanne Treseder.

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